Assassin’s Creed: He finishes the 12 games in the series in a row, without being hit

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Assassin’s Creed: He finishes the 12 games in the series in a row, without being hit



Hayete Bahadori is a youtuber who specializes in AAA “no hit” runs, ie browsing games from A to Z without getting hit once. And he has taken a step forward in violence, playing all the games in the Assassin’s Creed saga: congratulations to him for his patience.

The Coronavirus pandemic will have given birth to a few vocations, including that of the youtubeur Hayete Bahadori who has made a specialty of finishing games without being touched. After a first test on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Bahadori then tackled one of his heart licenses, with a challenge that makes you dizzy: finish the 12 games of the Assassin’s Creed license without taking an oatmeal.

12 games, 0 hits and 75 hours of content

The most impressive in the sessions of Hayate Bahadori, it’s not necessarily that he eats the games of the Ubisoft saga one by one without taking an oatmeal, but it’s above all that he doesn’t hesitate to take risks during the battles of bosses and the few tense moments that dot the legend of assassins through time. In taking stock of his strange business, he nevertheless indicated that he encountered some difficulties on the first episode and his particularly capricious camera. All the runs are captured in the highest difficulty of each game, by completing all the secondary objectives, in other words, the patience of the player must have been severely tested on many occasions.

No-hit runs, always great moments

If you’re probably all familiar with speedrunning, sessions that go from start to finish of a game “without getting hit” are gaining momentum. There are also more exotic feats, but which remain in this category, such as the rather mind-blowing performance of “Let Me Solo Her”, a character who has become a must on the Elden Ring servers and who recently broadcast his thousandth victory on Malenia without getting hit once and you know it’s no small feat if you’ve ever ventured into the Underworld.

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