Assassin’s Creed Shadows: Ubisoft lifts the veil on the gameplay of Naoe and Yasuke in a first exotic trailer

While fans of the license were waiting for theUbisoft Forward to discover the gameplay ofAssassin’s Creed Shadowsthe next episode expected at the end of the year and which will transport us to feudal Japan, the publisher has decided to give us a nice taste of it on the occasion of the Xbox Games Showcase by broadcasting a first real trailer for the projectthe previous video being a cutscene CGI, which still gave us a lot of information about this episode. No jealousy, because Naoe And Yasuke are just as highlighted and show us how lethal they are, each in their own way.

The sumptuous settings throughout the seasons, obviously with cherry blossoms, quickly give way to battlefields before showcasing the abilities of the two characters.

On the side of Naoeits small size will allow it to hide in the vegetation to eliminate using your secret blade sneak up on enemies or run across rooftops with ease. We have a quick grapple overview and we can see that it will have animations never seen before in the series until now. Her blade will not only cut throats, since we see her plant it in the abdomen of a guard. And obviously, the iconic Leap of faith will be present. The use of a kusarigama (sickle with a chain) is also featured in a bamboo forest, which will be cut down just like anyone who stands in front of it! Destroying lanterns to stay in the shadows completes this overview.

Regarding Yasukehis brutal style is portrayed by showing us smash one shōji (sliding door) to attack the enemy behind, then eliminate samurai without much difficulty using your katana or a naginata. He will also have what appears to be an ability to stun his opponent by striking the ground with his foot. We also find it in front Oda NobunagaTHE My of his clan clearly visible if there was ever a doubt, or still in the process of fight a duel with a colossus using some sort of kanabo. As a finisherit will be possible to cut off headsalthough the execution is not shown in this case.

And finally, several black and white action sequences are present, with only the hemoglobin squirting in red to add a little color. It therefore seems that a special filter is available, like the mode Kurosawa of Ghost of Tsushima.

If you want to see more, know that these are no less than 13 minutes of gameplay which will be broadcast this Mondaystrongly! Assassin’s Creed Shadows is expected on November 5, 2024 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Ubisoft Store, Epic Games Store), with various editions available depending on your budget. You can now pre-order your copy from €79.99 on Amazon And to the Fnac on consoles, and from €62.99 at Gamesplanet on PC.

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