Assembly: the left castigates the reference to French Algeria by the dean RN

“Annoying” moment, “shocked”, “disgust” deputy: several elected officials from the left-wing Nupes coalition lambasted Tuesday the reference to French Algeria in the inaugural speech of the dean RN of the National Assembly José Gonzalez, at the opening of the new legislature. In a brief speech, the elected official of Bouches-du-Rhône, pied-noir born in Oran, spoke of his native land from which he was “ripped”. “I left a part of my France there”, at the independence of Algeria in 1962, he said, interrupting himself for a moment under the influence of his emotion.

Bayou “collided”, “horror and disgust” for LFI Portes

The ecologist Julien Bayou said he was “struck”, even if the dean was “cautious and mentioned his personal case”. “It’s really problematic. We didn’t applaud.” “The RN wants to show its credentials but it explodes from the first speech”, commented his colleague EELV deputy Sandrine Rousseau.

The president of the LFI group Mathilde Panot accused the RN of “apologizing for French Algeria and the crimes of colonization”. The rebellious Thomas Portes expressed his “disgust”. “It was quite embarrassing”, also judged the N.1 of the socialist party Olivier Faure in front of the press. “We, the repatriates from Algeria (…) we left a part of France there that we loved. It was important to say that we loved France from there and that we loves France from here. We are true patriots”, justified José Gonzalez, 79, at the microphone of LCP.

Jean-Marie Le Pen intends to congratulate José Gonzalez

In the rest of his more classic speech, José Gonzalez hailed a “symbol of French unity” with the gathering of all the deputies at the Palais Bourbon, “a place of history” and “of hope”. The president of RN Jordan Bardella generally welcomed a “moving and unifying speech (…) What a contrast with the scruffy zadist of LFI who refuses to shake hands with his opponents”.

The former leader of the National Front, which became the National Rally, Jean-Marie Le Pen, intends to call José Gonzalez to congratulate him and meet him, indicated his adviser Lorrain de Saint-Affrique, who welcomes a speech “of remarkable balance and finesse”.

The rules provide that the oldest member chairs the first session. This is not a first for the far right. In 1986, an ally of the National Front, Edouard Frédéric-Dupont, had opened the eighth legislature in place of Marcel Dassault, older but sick. José Gonzalez also paid tribute to these two political leaders.

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