assistance with declaring taxes?

RSA? Activity bonus? APL? Family allowances? Parental leave benefit? The social and family benefits paid by the CAF are part of your resources. But they have not been declared to the tax authorities.

Do not declare (…): on the practical brochure 2022 of the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP), under the heading benefits and family or social assistance, the list of benefits not to be declared exceeds the height of one page. And this for a simple reason, which fits in one line: the allowances paid by CAF have not been declarednor social benefits such as active solidarity income (RSA).

In detail, here is the (non-exhaustive) list of social and family benefits which are not subject to income tax and which should therefore not be declared:

  • Family allowances
  • Personalized housing assistance (APL)
  • Disabled child education allowance (AEEH)
  • Disability compensation benefit (PCH)
  • Allowance for disabled adults (AAH)
  • Back-to-school allowance
  • Daily parental attendance allowance (AJPP)
  • Scholarships
  • Christmas bonus
  • RSA
  • activity bonus

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Do not declare… certain social benefits paid by the employer

The DGFiP also lists, under the same heading, benefits paid by other means (mainly by the employer) and that also do not have to be declared. These include in particular the annual employer contribution to meal vouchers (unless this contribution exceeds 5.55 euros per ticketthe surplus then having to be declared), participation in holiday vouchers (within the limit of 1590 euros for 2021), or the sustainable mobility package paid by the employer to cover the cost of commuting by bicycle (up to a limit of 500 euros per year), the same lump sum for eligible hybrid or electric vehicles (up to a limit of 200 euros for fuel costs), the financial aid paid by the employer or the works council for the payment of personal services (directly or via the CESU), etc.

What must be declared (but not paid by CAF)

The only social allowances which are declared (and which are taxable) are not paid by the CAF but by the social security funds. These are the daily sickness benefitsdaily allowances of motherhoodleave paternity and or adoption, invalidity pensions or even daily allowances for accidents at work or occupational disease (the latter are taxable at 50%). These allowances must be completed in box 1AJ and following, with your possible salary income: the amounts are theoretically pre-filled.

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