Assistants to MoDem MEPs: François Bayrou denounces a “political battle”

The president of the Modem, François Bayrou. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

The mayor of Pau believes that those who “attacked” his party are “political adversaries”. According to him, the evidence he will bring will demonstrate this.

The Paris prosecutor’s office on Monday, January 30, requested a trial for thirteen people, including the president of the MoDem, François Bayrou, suspected of embezzlement of public funds or of complicity in the case of the irregular employment of assistants to MEPs, a indicated the prosecution on Tuesday, confirming information from the echoes .

Invited Wednesday on BFMTV, the mayor of Pau denounced a “political battle» : “Political life is a jungle. And quite often, the wild beasts that attack you are not necessarily on the side of your enemies. François Bayrou also denied the alleged facts: “We have never used these methods. All those who were parliamentary assistants to MEPs had a part-time contract for the MEP, and a part-time contract for the movement“. And warn:All the evidence we will bring will show that those who attacked us were political adversaries.»

Visibly moved, François Bayrou continued: “There are people who have the leather thick enough to withstand this kind of trap. Others do not have this solidity, fall ill and die.Apolline de Malherbe then questions him:You mention Marielle de Sarnez [bras droit de François Bayrou, décédée en janvier 2021, NDLR] ?And the mayor of Pau responds: “I don’t know a single person who knew her who could say otherwise. There are people who are, from the point of view of the image, fragile. We have been through this. In a human team where bonds are extremely strong, it is extremely difficult to carry.

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