Astonishing Lorie: trendy jacket and short hair, her fans hardly recognize her! : Current Woman The MAG

How long ago are the days when Lorie landed on the television screens dressed in low-rise jeans, crop top and XXL platform shoes while singing Your best friend ! Since then, 20 years have passed … and it is to celebrate this symbolic anniversary of her career that Lorie Pester has decided to dig into her photo albums to offer the 286,000 subscribers who follow her daily on Instagram snapshots of her most memorable moments . Adept of the “positive attitude” (she sang it and she even made it the title of a book released in 2020 by Flammarion editions), Lorie Pester prefers to keep in mind her happy memories rather than dwell on her problems. After years of fighting endometriosis, the mother of little Nina born in August 2020 has therefore chosen to flatter the nostalgia of her audience with a series of ultra-stylish shots. And after showing off sexy in panties, fishnet and lace, here she is, now showing off in a pretty amazing officer jacket.

Lorie surprises her fans by adopting a military look!

As popular but more discreet than Amel Bent today, Lorie has always known how to go about maintaining her popularity. With its 8 million records already sold, she has almost nothing more to prove. It is therefore mainly for the pleasure (her own and that of her fans) that she plunges this year into her memories. After telling you this week about that sexy pic in a tight tutu and leotard that showed off her butt, it’s time to move on to another equally stunning shot. This time, nothing too bare. On the contrary. It’s wearing a flamboyant red officer-style jacket that she appears on her Instagram account. Shooted during the tour Tour2Lor at a time when Lorie had a short hair of an almost peroxidized blond, this shot propels his fans in 2008. Fans who have difficulty recognizing it, several having spontaneously thought first of the singer Pink ! And you, would you have recognized Lorie the first time?

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