AstraZeneca: Expects sharp rise in kidney disease

( – A new analysis by AstraZeneca, IMPACT CKD, predicts that up to 16.5% of the population in eight countries will suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD) by 2032, with notably an increase 59.3% in the advanced stage.

This analysis will be presented at the ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2024 in Buenos Aires.

The study highlights an urgent and growing global health crisis, with profound economic and environmental implications.

IMPACT CKD is the first study to examine and predict the far-reaching, multidimensional impact of chronic kidney disease over a ten-year time horizon in eight countries: United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, China and Australia.

The study estimates that nearly 125 million people in these countries will suffer from advanced CKD by 2032, representing a 25% increase from 2022.

The economic cost of renal replacement therapy, including dialysis and transplantation, is expected to reach approximately $186 billion, and the need for dialysis is expected to increase by more than 75%.

‘At AstraZeneca, we are committed to working with global policymakers to reduce the global impact of end-stage CKD and promote earlier diagnosis and treatment to slow or stop the progression of the disease.’ said Ruud Dobber, executive vice president of AstraZeneca’s BioPharmaceuticals business unit.

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