Astrologer: “I quit my job at 51 and signed up to study astrology”

Claudia Hohlweg was an artist and art director for a long time before she learned the language of the stars. Today she works as an astrologer. It helps in crises, before decisions and in finding the meaning of life.

Claudia, after 20 years as an artist, illustrator or art director for magazines: how did you suddenly come across the world of planets?
It wasn’t all that sudden: I bought my first astrological book when I was 16, when I fell in love for the first time. Since then I’ve always dealt with the topic on the side. When I was 20, I met Wolfgang Döbereiner, one of the most important German astrologers, in a seminar. It stimulated something in me that I was only able to really use 30 years later.

Why did this take so long?
At that time I was fascinated by the deep look into the soul, but I was not yet mature enough to become an astrologer myself.

What exactly does that require?
First of all, a lot of philanthropy. One should be able to see every soul as something beautiful. Everything is there in every person. And then you need your own experience: Anyone who has never gone through a crisis cannot really advise others well in such a situation.

At the age of 51 you completely changed your life…
Yes, I took a sabbatical in 2015 and traveled through Asia with my husband for a year. Due to private and professional requirements, I hardly had any time for myself for years. I was lost. It took me three months on the trip to get the adrenaline out of my system from all the stress. One morning I thought: “Wow, the world is colorful, smells and twitters.” Only then did I understand what had happened in the years before: My senses were all closed. At home I quit my job and signed up to study astrology. My husband, a scientist, was very surprised. But I had found my calling. I suddenly knew: This is my soul path.

Tears often flow because clients then feel pure love and the connection to something bigger.

You say that every person has such a soul path and is in the world with a certain goal. Can you really name that for everyone in a 90-minute consultation?
Yes, I can do that. In comparison, psychotherapists can also uncover and work on inner problems, but not in 90 minutes. I see the sticking points where a person should go. But that has to happen: If someone just consumes an astrological consultation and doesn’t do anything with the information, nothing changes.

Belief in the supernatural has increased significantly in recent months and has even become a trend…
This has been a trend for a long time in France and the USA, but in Germany demand has increased significantly since Corona. We are all in a crisis right now. Knowing this embedded in a cycle is a comfort. Astrology can do that.

Knowing that the madness will stop at some point?
Knowing that when we have lived through this crisis and everything goes well, greater justice can come. Today’s society is no longer about making more and more profit, but: “I have and share”. This new era is just beginning.

What makes you so sure? Capitalism is still more prominent in our society.
On January 12, 2020 there was a big moment: Pluto and Saturn met in the sign of Capricorn in the sky. The last time these two signs met in Capricorn was when Martin Luther pinned his theses on the church door. And you know what else has changed since then. That’s coming too.

Claudia Hohlweg was 51 years old when she turned her life upside down again: In the fall of 2015, she studied astrology. Today she offers online or live consultations in which she not only looks into the near future of her clients, but also names where their soul wants to go. A large session of 90 minutes costs 300 euros. Further information at:

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So what exactly do you expect when you look at the stars?
After an earth epoch of 200 years, in which it was always about security, we are back in an air epoch for the first time. It stands for something fast, mobile, for exchange. It is now about networking and finding new ways of learning and communicating. New societies will come, governments will change, old systems will collapse. From now on, equality can grow. But we are still only at the beginning of it.

What does that mean for 2022? You have just created the annual horoscope of all zodiac signs for the GUIDO. What tendencies will there be?
The year of Jupiter is ahead of us. And Jupiter is the lucky planet. He brings what we all need right now: faith, hope, confidence. But not only, because every planet always has its dark side.

And that would be in the case?
Jupiter is like a cowboy who casually rides his horse through the world, then enters a saloon and yells, “One round for all!” He can make you look really thick. There is a risk that we overestimate ourselves.

How can this be avoided?
Through self-reflection: What are you missing? what do you wish for how can you achieve it This year isn’t like “Make a wish!” and then a good fairy comes and grants it to you. But: We can all develop further in 2022.

How much is what you read from the stars science and how much is it interpretation?
Every astrologer will interpret Jupiter differently. You have to get in touch with the cosmos while reading and also use your intuitive knowledge.

Exactly this interpretation leads to great skepticism towards horoscopes in a relatively large number of people…
I’m a well-disposed Pisces and I can tell them: “Then don’t believe it!” In this context, it is interesting to know that doctors often had astrological training in the past. Certainly not without reason.

In your sessions you look into the past and into the future. Why? Isn’t everyone just interested in what’s coming up?
This is important to understand each other better. In every horoscope, the lunar node axis is the red thread that shows where the soul comes from, i.e. what we bring into our life and where the soul wants to go now. For example, I was certainly an artist in my previous life, but that was not my destiny. years I put my energy into the old. But if you know what your soul goal is, you can start on the right path early on and experience fulfillment.

How do people react when you tell them their true soul purpose?
Tears often flow because the clients then feel pure love and the connection to something bigger. Some are shocked too. A lot of people have to digest it first. My big consultations last so long because I really want to delve deep into the soul of the other person. A cosmic law means: as within, so without. Only when we really know each other do we emit the right frequency. Then we also attract people who suit us.

The psychologist Carl Gustav Jung once said: “An uninterpreted horoscope is like an unread letter.”
I agree. And it’s insanely nice when this letter is opened. This is my medicine that I bring into the world for others.


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