Astrology Houses: Why You Should Know Them

Astrology houses represent different areas of life that can tell you a lot about your personality. To do this, you first need to know their meaning. We'll give you an overview.

Astrology houses – what is it anyway? That sounds complicated, but it is very interesting when you have dealt with it a little. You surely know your zodiac sign and what it says about your personality. But astrology can be much more individual to your character.

Because in the minute of your birth, your individual natal chart is created. It is represented as a circle that divided into twelve different sections is – the houses! They are each assigned to a sign of the zodiac and stand for different areas in life. It is now exciting to see which planets are in your houses.

For example, it makes a big difference whether your Venus – which stands for the ability to love – has found its place in your first or in the tenth house. There are also houses that have no planets. In these areas you probably have no major challenges in life. But first let's take a look at which topics the astrology houses stand for.

1st house: enforcement

Ruling planet Mars, assigned zodiac sign Aries

At the beginning – or at the top – of the first house is always the one Ascendant. It says something about the dispositions that a person brings into life and describes how they affect others. Therefore, the first house is about a person's assertiveness and will.

2nd house: possessions and self-worth

Ruling planet Venus, assigned zodiac sign Venus

This house is about values, so on the one hand about material value, like possessions. What does this mean in a person's life? How does he deal with him? Is it frugal or wasteful? But the second house also relates to self-worth. Because it's just as exciting how much value an individual assigns himself to himself.

3rd house: communication and the direct environment

Ruling planet Mercury, assigned zodiac sign Gemini

Mercury stands for everything with communication has to do. How quickly does a person learn and how does he pass this knowledge on? However, it is primarily about the skills in the direct environment, i.e. between siblings, the neighborhood or colleagues.

4. House: The home and family

Ruling planet Moon, assigned zodiac sign Cancer

Stand by the fourth house Feelings in the centre. It all starts with your own family of origin. How safe and secure was a person in this constellation? It also says a lot how quickly or slowly a person gains trust or what position he grants his own family.

5th house: self-expression and children

Ruling planet sun, assigned zodiac sign Leo

The fifth house reveals how someone expresses himself, for example through creativity. But it's also about hobbies and passions in general – including physical ones. In addition, it shows the relationship a person has with their children.

6th house: work, everyday life and health

Ruling planet Mercury, assigned zodiac sign Virgo

Everyday life, routines and work are the focus in the sixth house. Does someone need a lot of security and feel comfortable as an employee? Then he probably has many planets in this house. But there are also special health features in this area.

7th house: rapprochement and relationship

Ruling planet Venus, assigned zodiac sign Libra

The seventh house is about getting to know each other and fixed connections. What does that mean exactly? It gives clues about how someone approaches others. In addition, the so-called Descendent is the head of the seventh house. This reveals which partner fits perfectly into your own life.

8th house: transformation

Ruling planet Pluto, assigned zodiac sign Scorpio

The Scorpio is always about intense experiences. This house therefore examines how a person can deal with borderline experiences. This can be material or personal losses, social taboo topics or experiences with power and powerlessness. Anyone who has one or more planets in this house will probably learn in the course of their lives that crises can also be opportunities.

9th house: development and travel

Ruling planet Jupiter, assigned zodiac sign Sagittarius

This house says a lot about how open someone is to new experiences. Does he adhere strictly to values ​​or does he want to constantly expand his spiritual horizon? The desire to travel also plays a major role in the ninth house.

10th house: calling

Ruling planet Saturn, assigned zodiac sign Capricorn

The tenth house is classically about the job. How important is this in a person's life? But it doesn't always have to be a paid job – volunteering can also be a calling. It is important that the recognition that someone wants to achieve with his task is displayed here. Planets in the tenth house are therefore particularly exciting.

11. House: friends and team spirit

Ruling planet Uranus, assigned zodiac sign Aquarius

The eleventh house shows what role Friends play in life and whether a person is a good team player. But the work in society also comes to the fore here. For example, is a person committed to the community or does it prefer to hold back?

12th house: imagination and intuition

Ruling planet Neptune, assigned zodiac sign Pisces

It's about Neptune higher knowledge. How imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual is a person? Dreams and longings also play a major role in the twelfth house. Anyone who has important planets in this area is probably a sensitive person.

How do you interpret your astrology houses?

If you now want to decipher the astrology houses in your natal chart, you have to deal more deeply with your constellation. For example, use an astrological calculator to look at which planets are in your homes.

If we stick to the example above, let's look at the position of the Venus in the first and tenth houses. As described, the first house is about the effect on others and assertiveness. In astrology, the planet Venus stands for beauty and the ability to love. In combination, this person appears attractive, friendly and sociable to others. He's probably good at asserting himself in relationships.

In the tenth house, Venus has a different meaning. Very often these people choose a profession in the artistic field and want to gain recognition with it. The relationship with colleagues and superiors is harmonious.

According to this principle you can now Sun, moon and the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus and Saturn interpret together with your houses. Pluto, which is officially no longer a planet, is still a part of astrology. And let's go on the journey – on to yourself!