Astrology: This is what your descendant reveals about you!

The descendant reveals something about your wishes and expectations of others. We explain what it also says and how you can calculate it.

In addition to the zodiac sign and the ascendant, the Descendant to the less known astrological quantities. But that does not mean that it is insignificant. On the contrary: Among other things, it can reveal to you which characteristics the perfect partner should have.

But what exactly is the difference to the Ascendant? Here is an overview of the meaning of the individual astrological quantities:

  • The Zodiac: Your true self. Your identity.
  • Your ascendant: Your appearance. Your effect on others.
  • Your descendant: Your perfect match. Your wishes and expectations of others.

Descendent: This is how you calculate it

Fortunately, the descendant is very easy to calculate – you don’t need any previous knowledge of astrology. What you need to know, however, is yours Ascendant. Because based on this astrological sign, the descendant is calculated. Simply follow the steps below to identify the descendant:

  1. Calculate your Ascendant zodiac signif you don’t already know. You can do that with the help of this ascendant calculator, for example.

  2. If you know your ascendant, next toss one Look at the zodiac. Find the position of your ascendant. In the zodiac, the individual signs are represented symbolically.

  3. Now look at that opposite characters from your ascendant. Voila: this is your descendant! For example, your ascendant is Libra. In the zodiac, Aries is exactly opposite. So the Aries would be your descendant.

Astrology: This is what your descendant reveals about you!

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What exactly does that mean? Your Ascendant represents, as described above, your effect on other people. It describes how others see you. The Descendant turn the tables – this is about what you from others need and expect. Therefore the descendant is also called your perfect match understood (which is why it is exactly opposite the ascendant in the zodiac).

The descendant reveals which characteristics and behaviors the ideal partner or the best friend should bring so that you are happy. So a very exciting topic!

To find out more about your perfect match, you can search for your ascendant in the list below. There you will find more information about the corresponding descendant.

Pisces ascendant – Virgo descendant

People with the Pisces ascendant are extremely empathetic and also a bit dreamy. Sometimes this can make them lose sight of reality – yours can do that Descendant Virgo reproduce! Virgo is your optimal match because she helps you with her factual and logical view not to lose the ground under your feet. In addition, both zodiac signs have one thing in common: They love to help. The Pisces zodiac sign is more emotional, while Virgo is practical. The ideal addition!

Scorpio ascendant – Taurus descendant

Your Ascendant Scorpio makes you an assertive and ambitious person who brings a lot of passion. Sometimes, however, your feelings can get you off your feet – Scorpios fight hard and hardly forgive. A bull would be the perfect match for you. The down-to-earth, leisurely earth sign exudes calm and can score with considerable emotional resilience. And this is exactly what you can learn from Taurus. He gives you security and helps you to come down when negative feelings are depressing you.

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Cancer ascendant – Capricorn ascendant

For the watermarkcancer Family and close friends always come first. They are extremely soulful and self-sacrificing, but are also considered a bit sensitive. A stupid comment, a crooked look – that can deeply offend a cancer. There comes a Capricorn just right, who basically gives little attention to what others think or say. The steadfast Capricorn sees things more rationally than emotional and can thus give Cancer more stability.

Aquarius ascendant – Leo descendant

As Aquarius do you have a great wish: you want to go your own way – not the one that thousands of others have already walked before you. The desire for an unconventional life can be wonderfully achieved with a proud and self-confident Lions share. Because he also strives not to eke out a 0-8-15 existence. Leos are warm-hearted and good-natured – this is good for the Aquarius, who tends to appear a little cool when he is unsure. Both have no problem being the center of attention. So go ahead, just conquer the world together!

Libra ascendant – Aries descendant

The Libra understands diplomacy and politeness like no other sign. Libra are always friendly, interested, and know exactly how to give good compliments. What they are a little less good at: To express their own opinion emphatically! Setting limits and saying no is not easy for the air sign in need of harmony. Here can be a Aries help: The fire sign is known for its relentlessly honest manner. The Libra learns not to put up with everything and to stand up more for their own needs in everyday life. Aries can also make the timid Libra be more courageous in everyday life and put their own dreams into practice.

Gemini ascendant – Sagittarius descendant

Your Ascendant is Gemini? Then you are probably an extremely versatile person who likes to communicate and doesn’t like to be alone. You need a sociable counterpart with whom you can share your thirst for knowledge and the urge to progress. Voila: The Sagittarius is made for you. He can be enthusiastic about almost any topic and is only too happy to plunge into new adventures that expand his own horizons. The Sagittarius is also considered an idealistic visionary and can help the realistic twin to discover completely new topics.

Leo ascendant – Aquarius descendant

Lions are the superstars under the zodiac signs – they love big performances, have a weakness for everything special and exude a calm self-confidence that earns them respect and respect from others. A Aquarius, who stands out from the crowd with his unconventional demeanor, will immediately inspire a Leo. With his realistic views, Aquarius also supports Leo in putting the numerous ambitious goals into practice.

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Sagittarius ascendant – descendant Gemini

As more adventurous Sagittarius you always need a new project, a new goal that carries you away. Your optimal match is that twinwho always has something new to tell and who will impress you with his keen intellect and great knowledge. As a Sagittarius you always have new and good ideas – but then it is difficult to see them through to the end. Gemini is considered to be rational and realistic, so he can help you stay focused and not get lost in the endless sea of ​​possibilities.

Aries ascendant – Libra descendant

Power, assertiveness and an irrepressible thirst for action – one Aries can hardly be stopped! Because of your risk-taking nature, you can get yourself into trouble at times. Because hot-headed Aries act and speak before they think! The leisurely one Libra supports you in bringing a little more calm and organization into your life. In addition, in the event of a conflict, the tactful Libra will always find the right words to calm the stormy Aries and always show understanding for his fiery temperament.

Taurus ascendant – Scorpio ascendant

Bulls love traditions and routines. They are concerned about safety and are always loyal to others. However, sometimes these strong personalities can seem a bit serious because they lose themselves in their security thinking. A passionate one Scorpio turns out to be the ideal counterpart, as the Taurus lets himself be carried away by his compassionate and emotional nature. This is how the stubborn earth sign can discover its soft side.

Capricorn ascendant – Cancer ascendant

Don’t complain, do it! So could the motto of the ascendant Capricorn ring. You impress others with your fearless and insensitive manner. Instead of complaining and getting lost in great emotions, you just tackle things. However, you can sometimes seem a bit cool and aloof to others. A cancer would do you particularly good – he is considered the most emotional sign of all and can soften your hard shell a little with his big heart. From cancer you can learn to allow feelings and also to show weakness from time to time – because that is strong, not weak!

Virgo ascendant – Pisces descendant

As Virgin you pay attention to every detail: you love order, take care of others and always fulfill your duties. But how about your feelings? You need someone who also takes care of you – not only practically but also emotionally. And who better to do that than the watermark fishes! The dreamy and empathetic sign reminds you that there is so much more out there than the harsh reality. Together you make an unbeatable combination.

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