"AstroStudio", the new astral theme podcast

Since Monday January 18, Mahéva Stéphan-Bugni has hosted the brand new "AstroStudio" podcast, which deciphers the astrological signs of artists of all kinds.

His publications captivate with their humor and accuracy, his subscriber count continues to climb: Mahéva Stephan-Bugni, who runs the now very famous Instagram account Astrotruc, launched his first podcast this Monday, January 18, AstroStudio, Produced by Nouvelles Listenings.

This brand new program, available exclusively on Deezer, invites different artists to explore the main lines of their birth charts, and thus discover them in a completely new light. And for the first episode, Mahéva Stéphan-Bugni invites the very popular singer Julien Doré. For about thirty minutes, he discusses his career, his passion for art, but also more personal themes such as his shyness, or his musical inspirations.

One way to breathe new life into astrology, dusting off its myths and prejudices. "My vision of astrology is that of a narrative art far from divination, which allows to open the discussion on all subjects and in particular artistic creation. AstroStudio this is yet another way to use this tool, to discover artists in their inner movements and unveil them in a new way!”Comments the author.

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