Asus ZenBook Duo: a laptop with two 14-inch OLED screens

Asus ASUS is launching a brand new version of its ZenBook Duo laptop. The 2024 model has a 14-inch format, and above all is equipped with a double OLED touch screen.

The ZenBook Duo was unveiled during CES 2024 in January. It offers no less than 5 operating modes by combining the two screens, a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and an integrated kickstand.

When the entire screen is unfolded and the Bluetooth keyboard is turned on, it works in desktop mode with a maximum screen size of 19.8 inches, and the screen angle can be adjusted from 40 to 70 degrees.

5 operating modes

There’s also a dual-screen mode that uses the bottom screen as a virtual keyboard, a laptop mode that lets you use the Bluetooth keyboard on the bottom screen like a traditional laptop, and a share mode that lets you See the same screen as your partner during presentations or meetings.

You can use laptop mode by placing a Bluetooth keyboard on the bottom screen.

Desktop mode, which works like a normal PC by rotating the screen 90 degrees.  (Photo: Gidinet Korea)

The processors available are Intel Core Ultra 9 185H and Intel Core Ultra 7 155H. The machine uses an integrated NPU to reduce power consumption when creating content, video conferencing or even running Windows 11 Co-Pilot features.

Integrated kickstand

The OLED display conforms to DCI-P3, the digital cinema industry standard color space. It can play HDR content. The screen resolution is 1920×1200 pixels, 60 Hz. It comes with Screen Expert software, which converts the screen layout according to your needs, including application switching, window management , virtual keyboard, window maximization and much more.

The bottom of the screen has a built-in kickstand to adjust the angle.

Weighing 1.65 kg with the keyboard, the display includes Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C), HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.2 Gen.1 (USB-A, 5 Gbps) ports for connecting peripherals without the need for adapters.

The model with an Ultra 7 processor is available from €1,899. The one that features the Ultra 9 processor is available from €2,499.

Source: “ZDNet Korea”

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