At 11, a schoolgirl earns 125,000 euros a month selling toys and retires

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An 11-year-old girl has just announced her retirement. His very lucrative business has brought him several million since its creation.

When they are 11 years old, the very large majority of teenagers only worry about whether they will receive a smartphone for their birthday, and whether they will be invited to the party next weekend. Pixie Curtis, is not a schoolgirl like the others. The little Australian girl has indeed launched a very flourishing business. So juicy she can afford, at just 11, to to retire.

Pixie Curtis has business in her blood. She is indeed the daughter of Roxy Jacenko, public relations figure, influencer and very rich. With her husband, Oliver Curtis, they are also the parents of another child, Hunter, younger. Since birth, Pixie has been promoted by her mother on social networks. And when she was 8 years old, this gifted child, with the agreement of her parents, decided to take advantage of this notoriety and launch her own brand. She started with a line of Pixie’s Bows hair accessories. Then she quickly launched Pixie’s Pix Toy Store, a brand of games and toys. The success, in particular of its “fidget toys” (such as handspinnersslime, and other anti-stress balls and Bubble Pops) is such that, according to her mother Roxy, Pixie’s online sales sites bring in no less than 125,000 euros per month for the small family. Birthday parties worth tens of thousands of euros, luxury cars, and dream vacations, the daily life of the young girl is bling bling to say the least.

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She retired at 11

Having become an influencer herself, Pixie quickly realized that she didn’t really have time to be a little girl like the others. As her mother Roxy confided in an interview with Australia, Pixie wants to focus on getting into college and quitting her entrepreneurial pursuits. His brand of hair accessories will continue to exist but requiring “much less time and personal investment on the part of the little girl”. Will she manage to blend in with the crowd when she enters college and remain a schoolgirl like the others? With some 120,000 subscribers on social networks and millions in his bank account, nothing is less certain.

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