At 12, he saves the life of a man with a heart attack

In Brittany, on the way to college on November 17, a 12-year-old boy witnessed a heart attack. With great courage, he did everything to help the victim.

There is no age to be a hero. On Tuesday November 17, a 12-year-old child saved the life of a 56-year-old man who suffered a heart attack, Ouest France reports. The event took place in the Côtes-d´Armor. As the teenager got on a bus to go to his college in Saint-Quay-Portrieux, he realized that a passenger was having a heart attack.

Neither once nor two, the young boy grabbed his phone to call the fire department. "The 18th immediately occurred to me", he explained to Ouest France. In addition to warning the emergency services, Paul gave good information to the firefighters, allowing them to better take care of the victim afterwards. He described the situation and did not forget to give them the exact time of the heart attack. A very important detail for the rescuers, and one which he remembered from his numerous visits to the fire station with the school.

This information saved the life of this man, according to François Ollivier, room manager at Codis (Departmental Fire and Rescue Operational Center): “It could have gotten worse. It is played by the minute ”. It only remains to congratulate Paul on his good reflexes and his composure!

Alert, massage, debrify

Each year, 2 million people suffer from heart disease, according to the French Federation of Cardiology. This news reminds us that it is important to know first aid measures. If you witness a heart attack, call emergency services directly on 18 or 112. Give them, like Paul, all the information you have: time of the infarction, location, condition of the person. , etc.

Then perform cardiac massage, to "maintain the irrigation of his brain with oxygen until help arrives", informs the site of the Sapeurs Pompiers de France. As a reminder, these are chest compressions made with your hands in the sternum.

Finally, use a defibrillator as soon as possible. It has clear instructions for everyone and is easy to use.

Do not hesitate to follow a first aid training course, "1 minute saved, it's 10% more chance of survival".

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