At only 12 years old, he entered the University to become an aerospace engineer

A young American boy, just 12 years old, has just been accepted to Georgia Tech University to fulfill his biggest dream: to become an aerospace engineer!

Caleb Anderson is a young American boy from Georgia who has just been accepted to join Georgia Tech University. So far nothing really exceptional but you should know that the preteen is only 12! He has always dreamed of becoming an aerospace engineer.

Caleb is delighted to join the aerospace engineering program he has called ""unbelievableFor now, he's finishing his sophomore year at Chattahoochee Technical College and he's applied for Georgia Tech as a senior. The teenager hopes to earn a master's degree from Georgia Tech, a doctorate from MIT and intern at SpaceX and Elon Musk.

The young boy is a real prodigy. By the age of 2, Caleb had mastered sign language and was reading the Constitution of the United States. One year later, he qualified for MENSA, the high society of QI. He thus became the youngest African-American boy to be accepted into the prestigious program. He also quickly learned to speak Spanish, French and Mandarin. "I remember people almost laughing at us because we didn't have TVs at home or gave our children books for birthdays and ChristmasCaleb's mother Claire told News Nation Now.

The young boy confessed that he didn’t feel like "push the limits" and that he was just doing what he wanted to do. Caleb has said he has always known that his biggest dream is to become an aerospace engineer and he plans to give himself the means to make it happen. There is no doubt that Caleb will be a talented aerospace engineer within a few years!

The talent of this little girl is breathtaking

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