“At school they pointed the finger at me”, she returns to the difficulties that her name posed to her


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Star actress of Tomorrow belongs to us, Emma Smet recently made her theater debut. But if everything seems to be shaping up well for the daughter of Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday, things have not always been easy. Mainly because of its name.

Being a celebrity daughter isn’t always easy. Three years ago, Emma Smet made her debut in the series tomorrow belongs to us in the role of Sophia. Promising beginnings for the daughter of Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday, who was quick to catch the eye of Philippe Lellouche. The director and actor thus entrusted him with a role in his play The Game of Truth, offering the opportunity to shine on the boards to the young woman of 24 years, recently returned to the daily soap opera of TF1. A career that promises to be full of great discoveries for Ilona Smet’s little sister, who is not forgetting that she belongs to a long line of artists, among whom he hasn’t always been easy to make a name for themselves. And for her, the difficulties have started at an early age.

“At school, finger was pointed at me about my name. It was sometimes hardadmits Emma Smet to Tele-Leisurebut suggests that after all, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. “Today, I am happy to bear this name, which is also mine. Smet, it’s me, it’s who I am”she underlines, and to specify that “it’s also a very loving family”. However, if she has recovered from the hair of the beast, and now listens to the advice of her parents, particularly for her career, the young woman does not hide the fact that she keeps memories “mixed” of his pastespecially from his time in high school. “As I have often changed institutions, I was the new kid who needed to make new friends Everytime. When you’re reserved like me, it’s difficult”she admits, reporting that there has been “of the more complicated times that others”, but that she finally “succeeded in finding [sa] square”.

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Emma Smet secret about her private life

While she absolutely wants to preserve her privacy, and refuses to comment on any romantic relationship, Emma Smet focuses more than ever on her career and the rest of her adventures. While she hinted that she could have a project soon in the cinema, the young actress will also go on the road to play The Game of Truth across France. And the end of the plot around Sofia in tomorrow belongs to us will give clues to the character’s future in the soap opera. “But don’t worry, she’s not dying!”, she promised bluntly.

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