At the dawn of the presidency of LR, Bruno Retailleau wants to “rebuild a popular and patriotic party”

Juliette Moreau Alvarez
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11:34 a.m., November 13, 2022

Guest of the Grand Rendez-vous, co-broadcast on Europe 1, CNews and Les Echos, the president of the Les Républicains group in the Senate Bruno Retailleau insists: the right has its place between the parties of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. Candidate for the presidency of the Republicans, the senator “wants to create a new party which will be popular, patriotic and which aims to bring back all right-wing voters.” If Bruno Retailleau is not in favor of a union of the different rights, he wants “the union of the right, by the voters.”

Rebuilding the right in the face of “pressure” from the left

“The union of the rights, I do not believe in it”, launched the senator at the microphone of Europe 1 and CNews. “My right to me is a patriotic right.” Bruno Retailleau wants to “raise the right”, with a party “which speaks straight, clear and true”, which has not been the case in recent years according to him. In the JDD, the elected official declared that “the Republican brand is dead”. A position he still supports, because for him, if the party has lost ten million voters since 2007, it is “by dint of cowardice and abandonment”. “We disappointed them. We gave in too much to the injunctions of the intellectual, media or academic left.”

A position that Bruno Retailleau wants to abandon, while he simultaneously points the finger at Emmanuel Macron for the same failures. According to him, during the Fournas affair, the President of the Republic gave in because of the far left for whom “the very idea of ​​returning foreigners to their country of origin is racist”. A “pressure” from the left against which the senator is fighting. “I am fighting today to rehabilitate the right. I think that if tomorrow the right wants to convince, it will have to overcome its fears. The fear of the intimidation of political correctness, of not corresponding to the criteria of respectability ideology of the left. I fight for that.”

A need for recognition from the French

In the Grand Rendez-vous, Bruno Retailleau also highlights a paradox, between the historically low scores of the Republicans and the fact that there have never been so many French voters on the right. For him, we need a candidate to break with Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, especially on the ideological level, which he wants to embody. “I believe that we will create our space when the French recognize us as the right. The right attached to freedom, to order and which carries an idea of ​​transmission”, he explains.

Bruno Retailleau repeats it, “rebuilding a popular and patriotic party is done by the voters”. Candidate against Éric Ciotti and Aurélien Pradié, the senator from Vendée intends to bring his new right project to party supporters at the Congress of Republicans in early December.

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