At the family doctor – Upper Austria starts outpatient delivery of Covid medication

Corona risk patients in Upper Austria now have access to Covid medication via their family doctor. This was announced by the country’s crisis team on Tuesday. So far, the drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have only been used in hospitals for high-risk patients.

At the same time as the separation notice, you will receive information from the authority. Anyone who is affected by the risk factors listed should contact their family doctor and seek advice. This should be done quickly, because drug treatment makes sense, especially in the first five to seven days. If you agree that this therapy makes sense, you will be referred to a hospital and treated with one of the new corona drugs under medical supervision in an outpatient clinic that is shielded from normal hospital operations. After infusion therapy, you have to stay in the outpatient clinic for around 30 minutes for observation. Less severe courses “Unfortunately, we also see very severe courses in Omikron, especially in those who have not been vaccinated. With the drugs that are now also available to us for the outpatient area, we will be able to reduce the number of serious illnesses in what is known as post-exposure prophylaxis,” says Tilman Königswieser, Medical Director of the Salzkammergut Clinic and member of the crisis management team, who has high hopes for outpatient drug dispensing.
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