At the trial of the dealers of the city of Boute-en-Train, the daily life of a manager, of “workers”, of “reloaders and choufs

It is a verbose, obscene and jargon script. A soundtrack where we talk to each other between “reufs” (brothers), of “tosma” (the merchandise) and “coiled” (money). A dialogue between drug dealers whose spokesperson is the president of the 13e chamber of the Bobigny Criminal Court. His reading of the police wiretaps has served as a common thread, for four days, in the drug trafficking trial of the Boute-en-Train city of Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), which is due to end on Friday.

This interpretation transposes into this room of red bricks and raw concrete the flourishing deal point of the “Boutes”, deployed around the two towers overlooking the flea market. The traffic there brought in between 10,000 and 12,000 euros per day between August and December 2020: the four months that police surveillance lasted on the alleged manager, Mohamed Salah M., known as Mojito, whose conversations serve as a framework for the hearings . It takes that to make this walled city speak, always under pressure. Especially when the protagonists lose their language in front of the court.

It is therefore their own story that the seven defendants who appear free are listening to. “Chuki”, “JP”, “Amzo”… All the professions of this small narcotics market are represented here. In black sportswear, their faces closed, they barely exchange a few glances; from time to time scrutinize the door of this room sometimes nicknamed the “chamber of narcotics”.

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Steps one by one

Behind their glass box, the three other defendants appearing detained are at the show when the presiding judge, Jean-Baptiste Acchiardi, revives, with his only voice, their business at Boutes. When a formula amuses them, they nudge each other a little. When they find the time long, they spread their hands with hydroalcoholic gel. But faced with such a file, even behind the glass, it is better to remain on your guard.

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Mojito is the first to enter the scene. He is ready to assume his role, as the four months of listening underline his involvement. Guardian of a municipal gymnasium, he rose through the ranks of the stup one by one, after having been a lookout and a salesman. “Me, I was manager, but I am not the number 2 of the Boute-en-Train”, he assures. President : “What position would you be? “I would put myself… number 7.” A role of supervisor, who must be aware of everything, often hanging on the phone. “I take care of seeing if everything is fine, no theft, good quality product. »

“Number 7” tells about the day shifts and “night”the suction cup cars (the “dumb”) which serve as caches, the “quail” (the unsaleable merchandise) and the ” struck ” (the higher quality one). The Boutes, he says, are three independent groups: that of cannabis – where he officiated –, that of “zipper” (cocaine) and the one linked to the “outside”, that is to say in charge of supplies, of which Mojito says he is unaware.

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