At Union “not everything is perfect”: Kurz calls the federal election “turning point for Europe”

At Union “not everything is perfect”
Kurz calls the federal election “turning point for Europe”

In Austria, too, the outcome of the federal elections and the coalition talks are being closely monitored. Chancellor Kurz even speaks of a turning point. However, he announces resistance should Germany strive for a communitisation of debts in the future. And he hopes for the FDP.

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz expects significant changes for Europe after the German federal election. “This election was a turning point for Europe that we will still feel at the European level,” said the ÖVP politician to the daily newspapers “Courier” and “Kronen Zeitung” as well as the magazine “Profil”.

Even if the result for the conservative sister parties CDU and CSU was not as good as hoped, the course of the Federal Republic will not change completely, said Kurz. “An absolute left slide, i.e. red-red-green, is not possible, thank God.” Election day was tough for the Union. “From the outside one has the impression that not everything has gone perfectly in the CDU and CSU in recent years,” said the Chancellor.

Kurz announced resistance if a new German federal government should strive for a permanent communitisation of debts in Europe. “But if Germany advocates communitisation of the debts in the future, who will pay for the debts in Greece, Italy and other parts of the European Union? Those are then the Western and Central European taxpayers,” said Kurz. He wants to fight against this development. Now it is important to observe the coalition negotiations in Germany. He hoped that the “FDP can counter this”.

For the first time in its history, the EU jointly took on large amounts of debt last year in order to get the economy going again after the corona pandemic. 750 billion euros will be taken on as debt and will be repaid jointly by the EU states by 2058.

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