Athletics – Just 17 Steps to Bliss

He has not only proven that he has great potential with his personal best over 7.71 meters (2020), but has already proven it several times. Most recently at the “Golden Roof Challenge” (June 11) in Innsbruck, when Tosin Ayodeji jumped 6.61 meters, but gave away about a meter in front of the board. Amazing on the one hand, it raises questions about the 19-year-old’s timing on the other.

According to VLV sports director and Tosin’s trainer Sven Benning, however, these are quickly answered: “The current problems result from the lack of training as a result of Tosin’s injury and the subsequent Matura time.” National Indoor Championships at the end of February until the “Golden Roof Challenge” no longer competed. It is clear that it is impossible to completely catch up before the state championship on Saturday in St. Pölten. “He currently lacks the strength for several full attempts. That’s why Tosin will jump to 17 steps in St. Pölten,” reveals Benning. “The difficulty is that Tosin’s pressure on the board is constantly increasing. That’s good, but of course it affects the dimension of the inrun,” explains Tosin’s coach. So it all depends on the execution. If it fits, anything is possible. “If he jumps off the board with a decent pull, then he can also break the limit for the U20 World Cup (note: 7.55 meters). Of course that is his goal too. But we don’t talk about it.”
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