Atomic Heart: the first DLC Annihilation Instinct launched on video

Mundfishwith the help of Focus Entertainmentlaunched last February Atomic Heart, a first-person shooter and role-playing game which takes us to a dystopian version of the USSR of the 1950s. The title has attracted millions of players, and this week it welcomes its first DLCs.

The players ofAtomic Heart can discover Annihilation Instinctadditional narrative content that adds a new area, new weapons, new enemies or even a new ability for the polymer glove. The developers go into detail:

The tech nightmare has only just begun

Embark on a new eventful journey and uncover the truth about NORA’s story as Major P-3 is recalled to the Facility 3826 complex. Meet the enigmatic Professor Lebedev to figure out how to suppress an out-of-control AI and curb its Annihilation Instinct.

continue the story and continue to explore the crazy dystopian world of Atomic Heart as you visit the Mendeleev Complex and its surrounding swamps, a completely new area. Confront broken machines, new shape-shifting enemies and a brand new boss. Unlock two new weapons: the pruner – a ranged weapon with 2 firing modes – and the Klusha – a melee weapon capable of slicing and piercing your opponents! Finally, gain the advantage and survive by upgrading your polymer glove with the new ability of Technostasisallowing you to manipulate time.

THE Annihilation Instinct DLC is as a reminder included in theAtomic Passitself present in the editions Gold And Premium ofAtomic Heart. You can find additional content at €8.99 (-10%) on Gamesplanet.

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