AT&S is expanding – How Leoben attracts skilled workers from all over the world

Despite the crisis, the economy in Upper Styria is booming. Hundreds of jobs are currently being created at AT&S in Leoben. This will change the Styrian Montanstadt permanently. The “Steirerkrone” met people from all over the world who came to Leoben for work.

Chongqing in China has around 31 million inhabitants. The Upper Styrian mining town of Leoben has almost 25,000 – a culture shock for the family of Anna Lucy De Los Santos, who recently moved with her husband and two children. The engineer is originally from the Philippines, but has already worked for AT&S in China. “It’s quiet,” she describes the first impression. She laughs. “We are still in the middle of arriving. The children go to school in the fall. We’re all learning German,” says De Los Santos – and is certain: “This will be a good place for us as a family.” Leoben has its advantages Jeffrey Reyes was also able to convince himself of this last year. The Filipino appreciates country life with his wife Shaidee and their three children. “Work in Asia is very different. The balance between private and professional life is better here.” Process engineer and scientist Maria Clarisbel Lucchetta, who moved here from Argentina with her husband, also appreciates that. “It’s normal to work twelve hours a day there.” “Most of all we miss the food” Another topic on which the Neo-Leobeners agree: “We miss the food the most!” It’s supposed little things like this that change everyday work at AT&S in Leoben, says HR manager Erwin Zarfl. “Asian food is now sometimes on the menu instead of schnitzel. Our signs are all written in two languages.” Many experts from Asia The printed circuit board manufacturer wants to hire around 700 people in the coming months – in addition to the 350 who have been added in the past two years. “Our catchment area goes from Liezen via the Mürztal to Graz,” explains Zarfl. “We also travel all over Europe to find employees.” However, the market for so-called substrates is concentrated on Asia, many experts come from the Philippines, Taiwan, China and Korea. What do the families need when they come to Leoben ? “Perspective,” says Zarfl. “After housing and education, we want to show people that they are welcome here.” The market is about more than just money, says the HR manager. “It’s safe here, the air and water are good, the children can play outside.”
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