Attacked by two alligators, an American dies on a golf course in Florida



An American woman has died in Florida after being attacked by two alligators.

A fatal encounter with two dangerous animals. An elderly woman died in Florida while on a golf course last Friday. ABC News reports that this American was attacked by two alligators after falling into a pond. The golf course was near her home, Sarasota County officials said.

The sheriff explained that after falling in the water, she “failed to float.” “While she was in the water, two alligators were seen next to the victim and they immediately grabbed her.” The latter, whose identity has not been revealed, was declared dead on the spot. Following this dramatic incident, a specialist from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission went to the scene and was able to recover the alligators so that the police could investigate. The agency said it could not confirm at this time whether the reptiles were involved in the drama. The autopsy must definitively establish the causes of death of the victim, in order to know if the fall, drowning or the attack of the two animals caused his death.

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Fatal alligator attacks are rare in Florida. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are eight unprovoked alligator attacks per year that require medical treatment. From 1948 to 2021, there have been 442 bites in the state, 26 of which resulted in death.

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