Attacks in Jerusalem – After attacks, Israel’s citizens should have easier access to weapons – News

  • Israel’s security cabinet has decided on new counter-terrorism measures after two terrorist attacks in East Jerusalem that left seven dead and five injured.
  • For example, Israeli citizens should be able to obtain firearms licenses more easily and quickly.
  • The attacks were condemned internationally.


Ahead of an emergency security cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a “strong” response.

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The cabinet did not give any details. Israel also wants to withdraw social security entitlements and health care benefits for the families of terrorist-supporting terrorists. It was initially unclear whether and how exactly it should be checked whether someone is a terrorist supporter.

Further attacks apparently prevented

On Friday evening, a gunman shot at visitors to a synagogue, killing seven and wounding three others. Also on Saturday, a boy just 13 years old attacked two men in an Israeli settlement in east Jerusalem. The Palestinian seriously injured father and son. Armed passers-by shot the boy, who was then given medical attention.

Mourners during the funeral of victims of the synagogue attack.


Mourners during the funeral of victims of the synagogue attack.


In two incidents in the West Bank on Saturday night, gunmen tried to carry out further attacks on Israelis. According to the army, security guards prevented an attack in the settlement of Kedumim west of the city of Nablus. They had discovered and “neutralized” the “terrorist”. It was initially unclear whether the attacker was dead.

Another man fired a shot at a restaurant near the city of Jericho and fled the scene, according to the Israeli military. Media reported that he had problems with his gun. This may have prevented further shots – and victims.

Israel conquered the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967. More than 600,000 Israeli settlers live there today. The Palestinians claim the territories for an independent state of Palestine with the Arab-influenced eastern part of Jerusalem as the capital.

My heart breaks at the news of the terrible terrorist attacks on Shabbat in Jerusalem.

“My heart breaks at the news of the terrible terrorist attacks on Shabbat in Jerusalem,” said Israeli President Izchak Herzog. In addition to western states, several Arab countries also condemned the attacks. Saudi Arabia, which has no diplomatic relations with Israel, said it opposed “any attacks on civilians”.

Several countries and international organizations such as the UN condemned the attacks. Including Switzerland: The foreign department EDA called on all parties involved to exercise restraint.

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However, the Palestinian leadership issued a statement saying that Israel was “fully responsible for the dangerous escalation”. 31 Palestinians have already been killed this year. The people, including several young people, died in connection with military operations and their own attacks.

On Thursday, nine people were killed in a raid by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, including members of the militant Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad.

Demonstrations against ultra-right government

Despite the terrorist attacks, tens of thousands protested against the new ultra-right government in the country on Saturday evening. They are primarily concerned with planned reforms in the judicial system, which some observers consider to be the end of Israeli democracy. Demonstrators in Tel Aviv and other cities lit candles to commemorate the victims of terrorism. They also observed a minute’s silence for those killed.

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