Attention WhatsApp users: Do not fall for this dangerous scam

An alleged competition by OBI is currently circulating on WhatsApp. As “” reports, the news claims that the hardware store would be giving away 5,000 gas grills for Father’s Day on May 26th. The messages are even equipped with the real OBI logo – but this is a particularly perfidious scam.

A look at the URL, which ends with the Russian .ru, reveals that this is not a real offer from OBI. The spelling of the hardware store is not used by the group itself. OBI is always capitalized in official communications.

Fake competition on WhatsApp: Scammers want your data

WhatsApp danger: With such messages, scammers want to get your data.


If you click on the link provided, you will be redirected to a website that looks like an official OBI domain at first glance. Users should now enter their data here. If this is done, however, the data goes directly into the hands of the scammers. You can then use the data to register them with expensive subscription services or, in the worst case, even smuggle Trojans onto your device.

OBI itself has already commented on the fake sweepstakes. This is not a real competition, but a phishing attempt. Users should “not fall for the offer,” writes the group on Facebook. If you have also received such a message on WhatsApp, it is best to delete it immediately. Most importantly, do not enter any sensitive information on the replica OBI website.

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