Attractions in Saxony: Top 10 best excursion tips

Saxony is located in eastern central Germany. The Free State has many sights to offer. These are both in the cities and in nature. We have compiled the 10 most beautiful of them below. Let's start with five cities worth seeing:

  • Leipzig: The trade fair city has a lot to offer with its famous zoo and historic old town. Leipzig also scores with a lively art and culture scene. In the south of the city there are also numerous bathing lakes, which were created in open-pit holes.

  • Dresden: The state capital shines with baroque splendor. The Zwinger or the newly built Frauenkirche are just two examples of Dresden's impressive architecture. With the Green Vault or the Picture Gallery (including Old Masters), the city houses world-class museums.

  • Freiberg: The mountain town has an imposing city wall. Inside there is an impressive cathedral and Freudenstein Castle. The Altmarkt is also definitely worth a visit.

  • Meissen: The city is famous for its porcelain factory. This can also be visited. The cathedral and castle tower high above the old town, whose picturesque streets invite you to stroll.

  • Bautzen: A visit to the former Stasi prison is a must. A memorial is now located in the extensive building complex. But the countless towers, romantic cemeteries and water features also make Bautzen worth seeing.

The most beautiful landscapes in Saxony

Saxony can also have many highlights in terms of landscape. The five most beautiful areas for hiking in the Free State can be found here:

  • Saxon Switzerland: The region, also called the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, must be seen with your own eyes. Green valleys alternate with bizarre rock formations. Generous walks or challenging stairs lead through the area, which is also an Eldorado for all climbing fans.

  • Zittau Mountains: It is the smallest low mountain range in Germany. The scenic gem awaits with fairytale monastery and castle ruins. A mountain cemetery with a view rounds off the whole.

  • Vogtland Switzerland: Hike through deep valleys, past rugged rock faces. Stop at one of the excursion restaurants to strengthen yourself. To top it off, climb the Mosenturm. From here you can overlook the fascinating landscape.

  • Ore Mountains: This low mountain range is the purest hiking paradise. In addition to the most beautiful hiking trails, there are enchanted mines, castles and palaces to be discovered. The Fichtelberg with its 1214 meters is the highest mountain in Saxony.

  • Boulder park Nochten: This park landscape is something very special. It inspires people with a sense of flowers and stones alike. The park combines 7,000 boulders with seven gardens to create a unique adventure landscape.

Would you like to know more? Find out which sights Leipzig has to offer in detail in the next article.