Audi Charging Service: a new charging offer

We cannot repeat it enough, the success of an electric vehicle depends not only on its autonomy and its charging time, but also on a substantial and solid charging network. Today, France has 75,279 charging points open to the public, i.e. 28,737 terminals (monthly figures from Avere-France).

In addition to traditional suppliers and operators, some car manufacturers have become involved in the development of charging stations, like the Ionity consortium which includes BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Audi, the Volkswagen group, Porsche, Kia and Hyundai. All offer preferential top-up offers to their customers.

This is the case for Audi with e-tron Charging, which will be replaced from January 1, 2023 by Audi Charging Service. An evolution which is explained by a change of service provider. Indeed, since 2019, Audi relied on Digital Charging Solutions, a joint venture in which we found BMW, Mercedes and BP. In the meantime, the Volkswagen group has set up its own charging service, Volkswagen Group Charging, and its Elli brand, operated by all the group’s brands (VW, Seat, Cupra, Skoda). It was therefore natural and logical for Audi to fall into line.

From January 2023, Audi Charging Service will provide access to 400,000 charging points”operated by more than 800 OPC (point of charge operator), including around 1900 high performance chargers (HPC) from the supplier Ionity“.

Three new offers

This name change is accompanied by three new offers – Basic, Plus and Pro -, the prices of which vary according to European countries. In France, the Pro formula is aimed at heavy riders with a monthly subscription at €14.99 (free for the first year).

They will benefit from a rate of €0.36/kWh on the Ionity (HPC) terminals and €0.35/min on a traditional DC terminal. On the other hand, a recharge on an alternating current (AC) terminal will be charged 7 cts/min.

The Plus formula is intended for occasional refills. The subscription is €7.99/month. Recharging on an Ionity terminal will be charged €0.69/kWh compared to €0.42/min on a classic terminal (DC) and 8 cents/min on an AC outlet.

Finally, the Basic offer is without subscription, with therefore slightly higher prices. Charging on Ionity will cost €0.69/kWh, €0.60/min from a direct current (DC) terminal and €0.12/min from AC.

Occupancy charges will also be applied, in particular on alternating current terminals — €0.05/minute beyond 180 minutes —, as well as on direct current terminals (DC / HPC), €0.15/ minute beyond 90 minutes.

As for the Plug & Charge functionality, already available on the Ionity and Aral Pulse charging stations, it should be extended to “more suppliers“.

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