Audials One 2022 as a free charts edition: Free multimedia package

Anyone who wants to legally listen to the latest hits will certainly spend money – be it to purchase MP3s, for a streaming subscription or for classic CDs. This is not absolutely necessary: ​​With Audials One 2022 bring thousands of songs to PC. The program uses Internet radio stations, and the application saves the best pieces of music permanently. This is done with a click or – more conveniently – time-controlled and highly automated. Audials One 2022 does even more: It gives you access to podcasts and manages your local music files on your hard drive or SSD. The “Television” section rounds off the entertaining performance and taps into numerous German TV stations, including public and some private stations.

Download Audials One 2022 – COMPUTER BILD Edition

Audials One 2022: How to use the suite

Suggestions on artists to record music

Dashboard search helps you locate songs, podcasts, and artists. In the music search, you can expand your musical horizon thanks to suggestions for other artists. The one you’re looking for is centered in the “Music Zoom” area; People whose works are in the same genre gather around. If you click on one of the preview images (thumbnails), hits by this artist will appear in the lower program area. The listed pieces of music are links, so to speak, click on one of the lines to start playback. Alternatively, you can play the titles using the associated context menu function in your web browser. In the case of YouTube, you will then read user comments unless the uploader account has disabled them.

Automatically load the latest music

The highlights of Audials One 2022 include time-controlled recording using a timer and bulk recording. With the variant with the timer, you specify the start and end time for the recording of the selected radio station – practical if you are not at home at the time. Bulk recording is ideal for storing numerous songs in one go: music lovers specify their preferred song genre, and Audials One automatically shovels the corresponding titles onto the disc. You define when the process is to stop by selecting a certain amount of data, duration, time specification or a number of recordings that have been reached.

Download Audials One 2022 – COMPUTER BILD Edition

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COMPUTER BILD editions and special versions for download

Install and activate Audials One 2022

The installation of Audials One 2022 takes just a few steps and is done via a web installer: First, double-click the downloaded setup EXE file, whereupon Windows will respond with the user account control. Confirm the information window by clicking on “Yes”. Without changing anything, click “Install”. The installer now loads the software from the Internet. When you start the program, the “Audials Product Activation” window appears. Fill out the form fields with your first and last name and confirm with “Create free Audials account”. A window will open again, fill in the fields for creating an account and complete with “Create account > Activate”.

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