Audioporn – «Frank described me lying naked on a table»


Audio eroticism is on the rise: women in particular are seduced by acoustic stimuli. A 25-year-old consumer tells the story.


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Anastasia* used to rely on conventional video porn…


… today the 25-year-old is listening to audio porn.

… today the 25-year-old is listening to audio porn.


She says:

She says: “I found that surprisingexy, like egga deep, erotic male voice, dtheir owner Frank was, described me lying naked on a table and what he did everything to me.»


  • Not only because of Corona, audio porn has gained popularity, especially among women.

  • Men still prefer conventional video sex films.

  • One 25-year-old talks about her audio porn consumption.

Anastasia*, how did you find out about Audioporn?

I used to watch normal video porn. The movies to have but gradually less and less please. Sure, visual stimuli are casual, but I always had to search forever before I found a film that I liked everything about. So I started looking for alternatives and I am on accidentally came across an audio porn on a sex portal.

In the File described eggne deep, erotic man’s voice that called itself Frank, as I lie naked on a table and what eright do everything to me. I found that surprisingexy. From there I started actively looking for audio porn. I subscribed to the app «Dipsea», which offers high quality erotic audios in different categories. Since then I’ve been listening to audio porn about twice a week, mostly for masturbation – I hardly ever watch video porn anymore.

What fascinates you about it?

It’s the total product. I like that my imagination is taken by the hand. But I can also think through scenes and images without everything being predetermined, like with normal porn. And with audio porn, practically anything is possible: the person speaking can describe situations that could never be recreated in reality. I find that the taboo has its appealfor example, there is audio porn with monsters and aliens, and even incest, which turns some users on but doesn’t happen that way in real life.

Which categories do you particularly like?

I like listening to women and men equally. However, I think it’s nice when the language is a bit aggressive: I like rough dirty talk – but it has to be in English, I don’t like dirty talk in Germanthat turns me off. In addition, you can choose the audio porn, whether as a «voyeur» want to listen to two people having sex with each other, or whether you prefer to be in the middle of it yourself. You can have someone tell you in detail what that person is doing to you. Here you are the focus of the storyI like that better than anonymous listening.

With audio porn you are indirectly stimulated by listeningsimilar to phone sex. Have you tried that too?

No, but I should really try that! But if you don’t know anyone with whom you could do itwhere do you register as a woman? Will phone sex be offered to us or is that still a gap in the market?

Dania Schiftan, psychotherapist and sexologist

Dania Schiftan, psychotherapist and sexologist


Ms. Schiftan, are your clients listening to more and more audio porn?

Yes, especially with women, audio porn seems to be gaining in popularity in recent years.

Why in women?

Women have a totally good access to acoustic stimuli. For example, some are turned on by low voices. Women benefit when one of their senses is stimulated and at the same time they have the opportunity to create their own world in their heads.

Do men listen to audio porn too?

Rather rarely. I use erotic audios in therapy for men who want to get away from consuming conventional porn, for example. That works quite well. At first, however, they often feel that more needs to happen. Men are more easily aroused by visual stimuli such as porn or pictures.

They said that audio porn has become more popular in recent years. What role does Corona play here?

Porn consumption increased noticeably. In general, the corona pandemic has forced many to come up with new ideas, it may well be that some consumers have noticed that this consumption was not good for them, which is why they opted for alternatives such as audio porn.

Can audio porn replace video porn?

That is difficult to say. But from a sexological point of view it would be the better approach. Anything that is connected to visual stimuli has greater potential for addiction. When you just listen, on the other hand, you have one level less and have to turn on your own imagination. The audio porn asks the listeners to take more time: While you can jerk off within 30 seconds to three minutes with a normal porn, an audio porn requires more time. You have to imagine more, the personal contribution is greater. From a sexological point of view, it would be great if audio porn was widely known – and recognized as a way to get sexually stimulated. Unfortunately that is not the case yet.

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