Audre Lorde: A Google Doodle for a Warrior, Mother, and Poet

Audre Lorde
A google doodle for a warrior, mother and poet

A Google Doodle for Audre Lorde

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Audre Lorde would have turned 87 on February 18th. Google honors the American writer and activist with a doodle.

Audre Lorde ("Sister Outsider"), who was born in Harlem in New York in 1934 and died in 1992, would have turned 87 on February 18. Google now honors the activist and writer with a doodle as part of the "Black History Month", which is celebrated annually in the USA in February. This was designed by Los Angeles based artist Monica Ahanonu.

Lorde described himself as "black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet". She started writing poetry at a young age. In her work and as an activist, Lorde often grappled with social injustice, including sexism, racism and homophobia.

A "complex and passionate woman"

Her daughter Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins and her son Jonathan Rollins said in a statement among other things: "Audre Lorde was a complex and passionate woman." It was "very important to her that her work was useful" and Lorde would be delighted that her words have become slogans for people "who fight for justice all over the world".

Between 1984 and 1992 Lorde taught at the Free University of Berlin. The stays and works of the poet also led to the foundation of the initiative "ADEFRA e.V. – Black Women in Germany" in the mid-1980s. In 2018, the Greens suggested naming a street in Berlin's Kreuzberg district after Lorde.