Augstein & Blome on a nuclear trip: “This is suicide for fear of death”

Augstein & Blome on a nuclear trip
“This is suicide for fear of death”

After the exit from the exit from the exit, is there a need for another change of course in nuclear policy? Yes, for climate protection, says Nikolaus Blome. No, we should rely on gas for the transition, says Jakob Augstein.

In “oncoming traffic” RTL / ntv politician Nikolaus Blome and journalist Jakob Augstein drive to the Brandenburg Gate this week. Blome wants to distribute “nuclear power, yes please” stickers there, he wants the nuclear power plants in Germany to run longer, “in order to take coal-fired power plants off the grid earlier in order to reduce the CO2 balance”.

Augstein is not convinced. “I’m in favor of us all killing ourselves today because we’re going to die tomorrow anyway,” he jokes. This is the logic behind Blome’s proposal. “Six nuclear power plants are still running and the last one should be shut down at the end of 2022 – and you want to let them run longer now?”

According to Blome, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel reversed the nuclear phase-out of 2002 decided by her black and yellow government in 2010 after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 in a “hysterical attack”. Augstein relies on gas: “You will have to let these gas-fired power plants run longer and run more and give Putin even more money while the economy and society are converted to be climate-neutral.”

The problem that one deals with by extending the term, “is out of proportion to the benefit,” says Blome. “We are already not getting along with the nuclear waste,” replied Augstein. Then he gets lost and there is an extension of the duration of the journey.

But see for yourself.

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