Aures in free fall: very tight cash position – 08/24/2023 at 09:52

(AOF) – The Aures action drops by nearly 60% to 2.85 euros after warning “on a very tight cash situation”. In the current economic situation which has generated a non-recovery of the group’s turnover since the beginning of this year – as announced in the press release of last July 21 – the specialist in solutions for all point-of-sale sectors plans half-year results still negative. The decline in turnover is 20.67% over the half-year, to 40.7 million euros.

It anticipates, for the current financial year, new losses, even if the drop in turnover expected over the financial year should be less than that of the first half of 2023.

“This continues to impact inventories, still at a very high level, thus weighing heavily on cash beyond September 1, 2023,” the company said.

In this context, Aures has engaged in “very advanced” discussions with industrial partners who can provide adequate funding and operational synergies.


Sector sheet – Electronics

Innovations are developing in connected health

At the last CES, innovations in health made a notable advance. Thanks to the operation of Artificial Intelligence, many objects measuring the constants of each and communicating in all rooms have been disclosed. Sensors are used to analyze urine, monitor nutrient or hormone levels. Other objects allow you to measure blood pressure, heart rate and other indicators by analyzing the face from a selfie. Products in the prevention niche are very promising, as are certain start-ups, such as the French company Withings. After its Body Scan, connected health station for the home, the company is preparing to market the first home urine analysis laboratory. It thus faces American giants like Apple on the prevention market.

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