Aures Technologies pays dearly for its poor half-year results

The designer of point-of-sale terminals stalls after the announcement of losses in the first half. This year, its turnover will remain stable.

Aures Technologies pays dearly for its poor half-year results

Aures Technologies pays dearly for its poor half-year results | Photo credits: Aures Technologies

When Aures Technologies checks out, it hurts! The title of the specialist in interactive terminals and digital touchscreen checkouts fell by 10%, to 10.35 euros, Monday morning, which brings its decline to 56% since 1er January. Component crisis, higher dollar, development costs… The cocktail was becoming increasingly bitter for the Ile-de-France company. If its turnover remained stable at 51.3 million euros on June 30, its profitability collapsed. The operating result fell into the red at 1.12 million, against a profit of nearly 3 million a year ago, and the net profit group share fell to -0.08 million, while it was positive from 2.27 million a year earlier.

Degraded cash

The drop in the gross margin rate, to 45.2% versus 49.2% during the first half of 2021, results not only from the strong variation in the average euro/dollar exchange rate (-7.56% compared to the in the first half of 2021) but also the increase in approach costs due to the shortage of components “, details Aures Technologies. Who says degraded accounts, says degraded cash. The increase in inventories, in the face of supply difficulties, resulted in a jump in net financial debt, which peaked at 7.9 million euros, whereas a year ago Aures Technologies had net cash of 3.7 million. For the future, it is difficult to establish forecasts in the current context, but the company is risking it: it is aiming for a turnover in 2022 equivalent to that of 2021, i.e. 99.6 million euros. The consensus, he wanted to be more optimistic, anticipating an increase of around 5%.


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