Ausserfern – 53-year-old fell into a ditch with a truck

A truck driver (53) had to be admitted to the hospital in Ausserfern on Monday afternoon with serious injuries. The Romanian had crashed into the ditch near Steeg with a concrete mixer.

It is not yet clear why the 53-year-old got off the road in a curve in the Lechleiten district shortly before 4.30 p.m. The truck hit the base of an avalanche barrier and traffic control devices and tipped over on its side. As a result, the man fell 15 meters over an embankment with his heavy vehicle.

The driver suffered serious injuries in the accident. But he was able to free himself from the vehicle. The man was taken to the Reutte hospital by emergency helicopter. The Steeg fire brigade moved out to rescue the heavy vehicle. A special device was necessary for the rescue.

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