Austropop power – Linz “Krone” festival: for you it’s “leiwand”!

Concentrated Austropop power: Edmund, Thorsteinn Einarsson, Lemo and Co. made the hearts of music fans beat faster on the second day of the Linz “Krone” festival. The atmosphere on the site was sensational.

Artificial fog rose, the music got louder, cheers broke out, screeches mixed in – the mood was relaxed on day two at the “Krone” festival, which hosted a fireworks display of stars on Friday. Zimt & Zucker made the start, followed by Alexander Eder, who impressed with his Elvis Presley voice. A man with a great voice, a man to touch: When Onk Lou rocked the stage at the end of his concert with the hit “Like 16”, Eder was still fulfilling photo and autograph requests.

All Austro musicians who made the “Krone” festival a unique experience were very relaxed: Edmund mingled with the audience before the performance to soak up the atmosphere. And it was loud and exuberant – especially when Thorsteinn Einarsson smashed his hit “Kryptonite” into the sky.

It got emotional with Lemo, who had his hits “As you are” and “Alte Seele” in his luggage. Pure goose bumps when the fans sparkled the area with thousands of cell phone lights and received Edmund. When the Lower Austrians performed, the fans sang their throats hoarse – especially when the duo sang their catchy tune “Freindschoft”, “You can celebrate with you, you can laugh with you, you can dance with you”. And all the stars agreed: Linz, for you it is “leiwand”.