Authority clarifies – no confirmation for voluntary quarantine

Many Styrians are unsure about the applicable quarantine regulations – now the state is making it clear: Boosted (or double vaccinated and recovered) contact persons do not have to be in quarantine. If you go into isolation voluntarily, the authority cannot issue a confirmation.

The “Steirerkrone” editorial team is also receiving daily inquiries about the applicable isolation regulations after contact with a corona infected person. The country is now making it clear: “According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, people with triple vaccination or double vaccination and previous corona diseases (see below for exact definition) are not contact persons if they have had contact with an infected person,” says a broadcast by the country on Thursday. The authorities would focus contact tracing on those contact persons who are in contact with vulnerable groups. Agreement with employer However, if you now voluntarily go into quarantine, the authorities cannot issue a confirmation for this. It is therefore advisable to seek agreement with the employer in advance. “For the now very large group of people with vaccinations or vaccinations and previous illnesses, official isolation is usually only ordered if they themselves are infected,” explains Andreas Weitlaner, district governor of Graz-Umwelt, on behalf of the Styrian district administration authorities.
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