Auto Locked – Eight month old baby rescued from hot car

Dramatic minutes in Leithaprodersdorf! Because the car had locked automatically, an eight-month-old toddler was suddenly locked in the car and the mother was locked out. The woman immediately notified the emergency services. They had to smash the side window of the vehicle to save the child.

The incident took place in a parking lot not far from the fire station. “We were therefore able to be on the spot quickly,” reports the fire department administrator, Yannic Sommer.

Child doing well
As the car was standing in the blazing sun, the Florianis decided to take the fastest route and, with the consent of the driver, smashed the side window of the passenger door. Then the door could be opened and the child could be rescued from the back seat. The mother accepted it with relief.

“The child cried and had a red head,” says Sommer. Fortunately, it was fine and no further action was necessary.