Available again: Lidl’s stylish city e-bike with belt drive is back in the online shop


Lidl’s own city runabout was a complete success when it launched and quickly sold out. Now you can order the e-bike again in the online shop.

Available again: Crivit Urban E-Bike X.2 and Y.2 at Lidl (Source: CRIVIT)

At the beginning of March, Lidl surprised everyone with the market launch of a new e-bike. Urban X.2 and Y.2 from Crivit’s own brand are now the second generation of belt-driven city e-bikes. The start of sales was a complete success because the bikes were sold out quickly and were no longer available for delivery. Now, however, the situation has eased somewhat and at least some color variants can be ordered again.

The Crivit Urban E-Bike is available as an “X.2” version with a stem and a “Y.2” version with a low entry. Both bikes have 27.5 inch tires and the frame height is 50 and 57 centimeters. The total weight is 21 kilograms – not lightweight, but completely within limits for an e-bike.

The battery is located in the seat tube and has a capacity of 360 watt hours. According to the manufacturer, this should be enough for a range of up to 100 kilometers – depending on your driving style, of course. The rear wheel motor supports you with up to 45 Newton meters. The power is adjusted to your pedaling force via a torque sensor, creating a natural riding feeling.

Belt instead of chain

This is important because the e-bike does not have gears. It is a single speed bike. There are three support levels as well as a boost function that supports you with maximum power for a maximum of 20 seconds. Hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano ensure optimal braking power.

Instead of a chain, a carbon belt is used, which is said to be low-maintenance and durable. A pre-installed lighting system, reflectors and bell ensure traffic safety. Both bikes also have a luggage rack.

Due to the single-speed design without gears, the bike is particularly suitable for smaller tours or for use within the city or village – for example for shopping.

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this page. More info.

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this page. More info.

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