Available on the market, the Star Academy castle is for sale for 700,000 euros

The emblematic castle of “Star Academy” (TF1) will be sold at auction on November 2. But this announcement should not disrupt the show.

This is a somewhat special announcement which was relayed this Sunday, October 15 in The Parisian : the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys (Seine-et-Marne)which welcomes the successive promotions of the star Academy (TF1) since 2001, is for sale. The house which welcomed Nolwenn Leroy, Grégory Lemarchal and more recently Anisha must be auctioned on November 2, i.e. two days before the filming and broadcast of the new season of the program. The company Axa Banque is behind its sale. The price: 700,000 euros. Interested people can already participate in the visit scheduled for October 25, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

But will this visit take place? According to the owner of the castle Jean-Michel Pontet, the SCI Château des Vives-Eaux, which owns the walls, has a “financial and legal disputes” with the bank. He assures our daily colleagues that neither the visit nor the sale will take place. The date of the sale, however, is well maintained on the bank’s lawyer’s website. The owner, who acquired the castle for 3.8 million euros in April 2008, also has other ideas for the homesuch as receptions, the fitting out of a suite or the construction of a swimming pool.

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The sale does not threaten the issue, according to the owner and Endemol

Could this sale threaten the smooth running of the star Academy ? Jean-Michel Pontet assures that there is no no need to fear : “Alongside the company that owns the walls, there is an operating company, Prestige Location, which has a nine-year lease with SCI Château des Vives-Eaux. Even if there were to be another owner, Prestige Location would still rent to whoever it wants for nine years. That doesn’t change anything.” However, he did not specify the duration of the contract between Prestige Location and Endemol, which produces the show. “This matter concerns only the owner. This has no no impact on the new season of star Academy that we are about to shoot”specifies the production company at Parisian. Will the building host future filming? “All the teams are focused on this new season. So we are not there yet”, indicates Endemol. In the meantime, fans of the show will find the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys next November 4.


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