Avalanche Studios (Just Cause) is working on a roguelike called Ravenbound

Even if we had no news during the Xbox-Bethesda Games Showcase, we know that Avalanche Studios (a studio known for Just Cause) is currently working on contrabanda co-op-focused open-world game set in a fairly realistic ’70s setting. But it could also be that the studio is on a whole other project alongside this Xbox exclusive, at least according to theinsider Tom Hendersonwho has been chaining scoop on scoop lately.

A project very different from the studio’s other games

In an article published on Exputer, Henderson reveals that Avalanche Studio has started the development of a second game in parallel to that of contrabandto know a third-person adventure game with a strong roguelike dimension.

Everything would take place in a universe halfway between fantasy and medieval contextand would have the code name jackdawalthough the final title could be Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt.

We would then embody a character responsible for getting rid of the enemies who are invading our country, with the possibility of transforming into a bird to fly over the world and monitor our opponentsin the manner of what the last Assassin’s Creed.

An open world with roguelike

As for the roguelike part, with each death, we would have to choose a new character, a “Vassal”, among three proposals each time.

Each character would be unique, with three specified that we could upgrade, while we could also loot others. Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt would then have service game elementswith new quests and rewards to earn each season.

A leaker by the name of Shaun Weber has uploaded some images of this project, which you can find on the article by Exputer. This leaker then describes this project as a ” Dead Cells in open world ยป, and indicates that the development is progressing well, implying that the reveal of the game should not take too long. If we take this information with a grain of salt, the images speak for themselves.

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