Avian influenza in the Landes: the presence of the virus suspected in Haute Lande and in the south of the department

Farms are suspected of harboring the H5N1 virus in Cachen and Saint-Geours-de-Maremne. The prefecture has set up temporary restricted areas in six municipalities on Thursday evening January 13

Hitherto contained in the south-east of the department, has the avian influenza virus managed to make its way to Haute Lande and Maremne? This is the fear of the authorities. The Landes prefecture issued orders following the discovery of suspected cases in farms in Saint-Geours-de-Maremne and Cachen.

The authorities set up temporary restricted areas on Thursday evening January 13. The time to carry out the necessary analyzes, preventive measures apply. The movements of waterfowl and poultry are notably limited there. The municipalities of Bélis and Arue are concerned around Cachen. In the vicinity of Saint-Geours-de-Maremne, the area extends over Rivière-Saas-et-Gourby and Saubusse.

In the south-east of the department, the epizootic continues to progress inexorably. Sources of contamination have been discovered in recent days in municipalities so far spared: Sainte-Colombe, Caupenne, Maylis, Bordères-et-Lamensans, Saint-Agnet, Coudures, Larrivière-Saint-Savin, Baigts and Poyartin.

The preventive slaughter of all waterfowl farms, located less than 3 kilometers from the outbreaks, and of poultry, within a radius of 1 kilometer, is continuing. Friday evening, the Landes had a total of 108 contaminated farms since the start of the crisis. The number is changing hour by hour.

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