Avira Crypto: your antivirus will undermine cryptocurrencies like Norton

Avira Antivirus gains a new Avira Crypto feature that should make people cringe.

Avira Crypto: your antivirus will undermine cryptocurrencies like Norton

Who does not know the Avira antivirus and its famous viral database to be updated regularly? The company claims no less than 435 million active users worldwide for its freemium security solutions, free with paid elements.

Avira Crypto: mine crypto with your PC

After Norton, it’s Avira’s turn to make people talk about it by integrating a cryptomining function with Avira Crypto. More precisely, it is according to the editor ” use your computer’s idle time to mine Ethereum (ETH) “. An update of the antivirus software will automatically integrate this function.

A cryptocurrency wallet is associated with the software, but Avira indicates that it is also possible to make a transfer to a Coinbase account. A solution that will push users to use the computing power of their PCs to mine cryptocurrencies. An additional source of consumption. We know that the calculation of Bitcoin or Ethereum is for the moment an environmental horror. That’s not all,

Norton was also noticed by the integration of a function of the same type with Norton Crypto. Many users are unhappy with this novelty when we expect an antivirus to detect and uninstall mining tools. Worse, Norton specifies in its FAQ that the company takes a commission of 15% on the gains generated by your PC. It remains to be seen whether Avira Crypto takes the same rate. In 2021, Avira was acquired by the Norton group.

A free alternative

Remember that for several years, Windows has integrated a free security solution with Microsoft Defender. The use of a free antivirus is no longer essential if one uses this solution.

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