Avira mines cryptocurrency on your PCs, Horizon Forbidden West on the run, this is the recap

Avira assumes to mine cryptocurrencies on your PC, the game Horizon Forbidden West is already on the run in the wild, Battlefield 2042 reimbursed by Steam, this is the recap of the news to remember from Tuesday, January 11.

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It’s time for the recap of the day for January 11, 2022. On the menu, the anti-virus that mines, the game that leaks and an endless descent into hell.

Avira mines cryptocurrencies on your PCs

The Avira antivirus wants you to mine cryptocurrencies. Once installed, the software sets up a tool that allows you to mine Ethereum when you are not using your PC. Its use is optional but if you choose to activate it, Avira will charge you a commission of 15% on the final amount. The company still ensures that nothing will be mined without your permission. A week ago, it was Norton 360 that included mining software in its software suite.

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Horizon Forbidden West already leaked on the web!

If you’ve been waiting like crazy for Horizon Forbiden West on PS4 or PS5, watch out! A pirate version has been seen on the net and spoilers could therefore rain. It was on Twitter that the images of the game appeared. While they have since been deleted, it is not impossible that new material will resurface at one point or another. The same had happened to The Last of Us 2 game shortly before its release. As a reminder, Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18.

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Battlefield 2042 will be refunded by Steam if desired

The descent into hell continues for Battlefield 2042. After a catastrophic launch in November 2021, the situation has not always improved. Today, it’s a new snub for EA: Steam has decided to reimburse all disgruntled players, and this without condition. Not sure this helps keep the game alive. At present, there are only 8000 players fighting on the virtual battlefields.

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