Axel Ruth: QVC moderator died at the age of 43

Axel Ruth
QVC moderator died at the age of 43

Axel Ruth worked for the teleshopping channel QVC for more than ten years.

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Moderator Axel Ruth is dead. “We are stunned and deeply shaken by the much too early death,” explains the teleshopping broadcaster QVC.

The beauty expert and presenter Axel Ruth is dead. That announced QVC on its Facebook page. Ruth moderated for several years for the teleshopping broadcaster. He was only 43 years old. The cause of death is currently unknown.

“Stunned and deeply shaken”

“We are stunned and deeply shaken by the far too early death of Axel Ruth”, it says in the Facebook post, among other things, to a picture of the moderator. For more than ten years Ruth has been “an extremely valued and popular colleague, expert and for many of us also a friend and companion”. What is particularly missing is his “amiable and understanding manner, his inexhaustible enthusiasm for things and his ability to make us laugh”.

The gap created by the death of the expert cannot be filled. The broadcaster also expresses its condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Ruth worked as a presenter with numerous celebrities, including Udo Walz (1944-2020), Verona Pooth (53) and Johann Lafer (63).