Axelle Red worried about Renaud, she shares her pain: “It hurts my heart”

Guest on the France Inter program Boomerang ofAugustin Trapenard, Axelle Redwho shared one of his most famous hits, Manhattan-Kabul, in collaboration with Renaud, gave news of the singer. After performing the famous song on the France 2 program for the latter’s 70th birthday, the Belgian singer was not very reassuring about the state of the artist, whom she described as a sad man.

You have to go back to 2002 to understand the relationship between Axelle Red, 54, and Renaud, 70. At the time, the two singers released one of the most cult titles in French song. A peaceful hymn on the aftermath of September 11 evoked through the character of a New Yorker and that of an Afghan woman. A title where the duo exposes their complicity. A point on which the pretty redhead returned to the microphone of our colleague. “We recognized ourselves as a somewhat vulnerable soul, she says. We say what we think, we go for it, even if it’s not easy and we’re going to get slapped.

Like many French people, the singer remembers falling under the spell of the personality of the interpreter of Mistral Winner, Morgane de toi or even of As soon as the wind blows. She described a sensitive version of the artist, sometimes revolted, sometimes disillusioned. Renaud is a child. He has everything in him: he has the revolt of a committed teenager, and there was already a wisdom that saddens him. The adult version is unhappy with Renaud.

Finally, we understand that Axelle and Renaud are connected by their skin-deep sensitivity, their melancholy, so well known to artists. My heart is super sensitive to this man. He’s a real man. And I’m sad, being so loved by this French population, that he doesn’t have the 100% happy life he deserves, it hurts my heart” she regretted.

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