Aya Nakamura and Nikos Aliagas finally have a chat after the host's blunder

This Saturday, January 16, Nikos Aliagas receives Aya Nakamura on his show 50'inside. The opportunity to return to the controversy over the NRJ Music Awards.

In full promotion for her eponymous album, Aya Nakamura appeared on TF1's flagship show for the occasion, 50'inside. She is interviewed there by Nikos Aliagas, and looks back on five dates that marked her life. The opportunity for them to approach the artist’s career, but also to permanently bury the hatchet, following their misunderstanding during the ceremony of NRJ Music Awards 2018.

Indeed, during the 20th "NMA" ceremony, the front page presenter had scratched the name of the artist, calling him "Yaya Nakamura!". An error experienced as a humiliation by the musician."You don't invite people when you can't say your name correctly #LastTime ", then wrote the interpreter of Teddy on his Twitter account.

Faced with Nikos Aliagas, the singer explains their "misunderstanding" by watching an excerpt from the ceremony in question: "It was my first TV singing Djadja, I could hardly move (…) I was really terrified." The artist then returns to "the failed launch" by Nikos: "It's my impulsive side. I can't do anything about it. I was not happy. I am proud to have mixed the Aya and the Nakamura, I think that is pretty."


To seal this newfound peace, the host presents the singer with the NRJ Music Award for French-speaking female artist of the year, won by Aya Nakamura at the very last ceremony in 2020.

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