Aymeric Caron against Pierre-Yves Bournazel, the duel of little Paris

By Denis Cosnard

Posted today at 01:51

The candidate of the Nupes Aymeric Caron, at the Barbès market, in Paris, on May 21, 2022.

Saturday May 21. On the Barbès market, in the 18and district of Paris, Aymeric Caron launches out, leaflets in hand, to meet his potential voters. The “seen on TV” effect is working. Behind her stall, the fishmonger encourages the former sniper of “We are not lying”, yet vegan activist: “On the set, you had exploded Zemmour, it was good! » A client requests a selfie: “Bravo, you are a real good man, long live Mélenchon! »

Suddenly, the situation is tense. The candidate of the New popular ecological and social union, Nupes, is challenged by Valérie, 51 years old. A woman of the left, however. But the 2017 sequence in which Aymeric Caron offered a “allowed to vote” to prevent uneducated and irresponsible citizens from having a voice in the matter troubled her.

She would like to understand: “Do you consider that everyone has the right to vote? » Caron takes the fly. “I want to answer, but I don’t like being attacked,” he gets annoyed. “I’m just asking you a question” resumes the lady calmly. “Don’t be vindictive! » He ended up explaining that it was“a measure of fiction in a world of utopia”, one project among others, absent from the program he defends today.

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Valerie pouts. “You don’t listen to my answer, you just came to do your little number, because you don’t share our ideas”, he throws at her. No doubt he imagines him voting for his great rival, the macronist Pierre-Yves Bournazel. Error. “It is because I share the ideas of the Nupes that I am distressed by your candidacy”, she stabs him.

Halfway between the bourgeois West and the popular East

Aymeric Caron, Pierre-Yves Bournazel, a third man… who will win, on June 19, in Montmartre and its surroundings, in the 18and constituency of Paris, this patchwork of 116,000 inhabitants which covers most of the 18and arrondissement and part of 9and, with areas of great wealth and pockets of poverty, migrants and sores, tourists and drug addicts? In this little Paris in the process of gentrification, the battle is a test.

“Be careful, it’s a three-way match, it’s not just a reality TV man and a politically unstable MP. »Rudolph Granier, LR candidate

At the end of the legislative elections, the capital has a good chance of finding itself, as often, cut in two. Emmanuel Macron’s supporters should prevail in the western, more bourgeois constituencies, even if Les Républicains will try to save their current two seats. The more or less united left seems well on its way to winning in the more popular districts of the East. But where will pass the border between the West of right and the East of left? The 18and constituency, halfway, can fall either way.

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