babies have grown but nothing gained in wisdom


If the franchise Baby boss has, since the first film released in 2017, declined in series on Netflix, we eagerly awaited this second opus intended for the cinema, fearing however a form of subduing. With this funny baby spy in a suit and briefcase, the studio had managed to consolidate what was its strength (but also sometimes its weakness): the second degree, schoolboy humor and hallucinatory intrigues which, undercover , delivered the critical commentary of a humanity in the process of infantilization, bewitched by the “cute” (babies, puppies, cats…).

If the expectation effect has replaced the surprise effect, Boss Baby 2. A family affair fulfills its function perfectly and manages to raise us to the same level of debility and madness as its predecessor. As proof, the plot still as aberrant: if Baby Boss and his brother Tim have grown up, they have the opportunity to become children again for forty-eight hours thanks to a magic potion provided by Tim’s little girl, spy on behalf of Baby Corp.

As crazy as he is insane

Their mission? Enter the alternative school of Doctor Armstrong, where Tim’s granddaughter is, a wise and diligent child, far too reasonable for her age. In his establishment for the gifted, the Doctor foments the “baby-revolution”, an uprising against parents, considered responsible for all the ills of the planet and accused of interfering with the intellectual development of their children.

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As crazy as he is insane, Boss Baby 2 advances with the energy of the absurd and of an outbidding in the stupidity that one is happy to find intact. The studio once again manages to free itself from all the constraints of the script to advance step by step towards the generalized absurd, criticizing in passing the cult of performance which now attacks the education of children, who have become great learned apes. The film interweaves the traditional family narrative, societal criticism and the big nonsense in a visual and narrative magma without tail or head, but always so joyful and brazen.

American animated film by Tom McGrath (1:47).