Babies, teenagers, seniors… Why the High Authority of Health is calling for reform of the vaccination schedule

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11:15 a.m., April 22, 2024

To ensure that the French are up to date with their vaccination schedule, the High Authority for Health has published a report in which it recalls the three age groups in which it is absolutely necessary to be vaccinated. For Anne-Claude Crémieux, simple explanations will allow those concerned to better remember the vaccination schedule.

A new roadmap to better understand the vaccination schedule? The High Authority for Health (HAS) published a report this Monday which summarizes the entire paradox of the French regarding vaccination. This is progressing for the newly recommended vaccines, but the objective has not been achieved against measles, with still less than 95% vaccination coverage.

The problem comes from the fact that the French no longer have a clear idea of ​​the calendar, which is too scattered. The HAC report wants to remind us: there are three age groups where you must be vaccinated.

Less effective immune defenses

All parents know that several vaccines must be given between birth and the child’s two and a half years of age. On the other hand, many people are unaware that between the ages of 11 and 14, and then from the age of 65, you must be vaccinated again. These are in particular periods when the immune system is vulnerable, warns Anne-Claude Crémieux, professor of infectious diseases and president of the technical committee on vaccinations at HAS.

“Adolescents will have very important social interactions, which will bring them into contact with pathogens such as Meningococcus and obviously Papillomavirus,” she explains. “There are also those over 65. At that time, our defenses against infections are less effective. We must take into account their greater vulnerability to infections, and therefore get vaccinated.”

The infectious disease specialist is convinced, it is thanks to these simple explanations that the people concerned will remember the vaccination schedule. So, with or without an up-to-date health record, during adolescence and after age 65, you are recommended to take stock with your doctor or pharmacist.

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